Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS)


Restless Legs is a very treatable condition.  We’ve gotten excellent results with our protocol.  Historically we have used high dose Krill Oil or had our patients eat salmon three times a week during the salmon season here in Northern California.  Finally in one of those light bulb moments it occurred to me as to what was the connection between salmon and krill.  Obviously they are the same color, both containing the carotenoid – Astaxanthin.

Astaxanthin is the most abundant carotenoid in the marine world, even though it cannot be synthesized by animals.  It comes from fish eating algae.  This is one of the reasons farmed fish can’t match the health benefits of wild catch.  Astaxanthin strengthens and solidifies the nervous system and is our first choice for RLS.

Current research showed connections with Restless Leg Syndrome with iron anemia as well deficiency of B Vitamins.  In particular we will give Methyl B-12 or Spirulina which is a blue-green algae that is high in both B-12 as well as iron.  All the blue-green algaes have a blood tonifying effect.

We give a Blood Tonic which supplies iron in a beneficial form for the body.  Blood Tonic also helps quiet restlessness and is one of our main treatments for insomnia, which becomes the central problem in this syndrome.  In TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) many neurological conditions are thought to be the movement of Internal Wind.  In this pattern when Blood is deficient it can lead to Internal Wind (nature abhors a vacuum).  Tonifying the Blood is a primary treatment for neurological conditions, though quiet often the formulas contain additional herbs that quiet the wind as well.

Acetyl Glutathione is also strong tonifier of the blood as well as it is the antioxidant protector of red blood cells in the body.  It also detoxifies the body.  If cost is an issue we will often use R+Lipoic in place of the Acetyl Glutathione.  If there is significant toxicity we will give the full Detoxification Protocol.

We will often use Magnesium Orotate before bed to help the patient sleep and to relax muscles.