Parkinson’s Disease


Unlike our other neurological complaints that we treat we consider the Alchemist Lab Parkinson’s Disease approach to be a supplemental or adjunct protocol at this point.  These have been very useful to our Parkinson’s patients though they have been under other medical supervision as well including pharmaceuticals.

The supplements that are helpful in treating Parkingson’s Disease (PD) have been CMO, Acetyl Glutathione, Samento, and Pregnenolone. Pregnenolone which is available at our Dragon Heart Clinic at 415-454-6901 is a ‘grandmother hormone’ similar to DHEA.  It is a steroid hormone that the body can convert to other hormones as it needs.  It also has a powerful action on stimulating brain function.

We also use a Flexibility Tincture again found at our clinic, which helps with the rigidity characteristic of PD.  This like Samento is used for Lyme patients as well.  Flexibility contains Teasel Root, a primary herb used for Lyme.

Glutathione is the most widely recommended supplement for PD and we use a high dose in these cases.  CMO is an auto-immune medicine used primarily for arthritis that we have found highly valuable in neurological complaints.  It was developed by a researcher from the NIH (National Institute of Health) labs that was researching why white lab mice don’t get arthritis.